A friend of mine called me yesterday evening. After exchanging Ramadan Greetings, he advised me to recite Surah Fateh three times, as it keeps one away from wrong doings and definalty a very blessed thing to do. As i was in my office then, so i had to recite Surah Fateh from internet.

While searching online resources for Holy Quran, i thought of donwlading the whole Quran to my desktop so that I may recite it whenever i get time. Fortunatly, very same time i got an email from my friend who forwarded me this PDF File (only 4 MB in Size) that has complete Holy Quran, with index. And i was really impressed by the font and style used in this version of Holy Quran.
So Please download this file and Recite it as much as you can
Download Here (Right Click and Select “Save Target As” – 4 MB PDF File – Opens in Acrobat Reader)
Now you can download 16 line Quran from Taj company in a single file.

This is PDF  file. You must be Install Adobe Acrobat in your System.