This is a very little and simple gadget you can use to your blog. Unlike other counter widgets, you will get lots of information, visitor tracking and customization through this gadget. Now lets see how we can add this counter widget to your  blog and how to get the extra tracking details from it. 
First go to and register for free. Don't forget the E-mail and password, because you can check your blogger stats using this web site. 

After you have registered they will send you a confirmation E-mail. confirm it and log in to your account using the email address and password. now you will see the add a web site page as shown in the above image. click on +Add a website Link and enter all information and complete adding your information you will see your site listed in the main window. 

How to get the counter widget html code
Now click on your website name. now you will be redirected to the control panel of your website. you will see these two buttons on the top right corner. click on the counter code button to create your counter widget and get the code. After clicking on the Counter code button your will see this little widget . click on it and start building your counter widget.

Click on Add new counter button. Now you will see a big collection of styles and designs for your widget. select a matching size for your widget and the design you like. After you have selected the matching design click on the sample button. now select colors and other given options and click on the save button. Now you have finished creating your counter widget.
Now select your counter listed in above image and copy the code generated at the bottom of the page. create a HTML/Javascript widget in your blog and paste that code. Adding counter widget is finished. log in to your Histats account later and check for the blog stats. you will be amazed. they supply lots of tracking information for free. more counters and gadgets will be posted  in this blog withing this week. Keep in touch