The award winning Medal of Honor franchise returns to the Game Boy Advance with Medal of Honor Infiltrator, an all new experience designed specifically for the platform. Players assume the role of Corporal Jake Murphy, completing five daring missions to defeat the Axis in some of WWII's most famous battles. Infiltrator blends overhead third-person exploration and action sections with fixed-position, first-person shooting sections. Many different themes and game styles are combined seamlessly into the same package: infantry combat, vehicular combat, covert operations, and sniping. Players will also have the opportunity to use their Game Boy Advance as a real time map by linking up with Medal of Honor Rising Sun on Nintendo GameCube
Medal of Honor: Infiltrator was well received by critics, currently holding an average score of 81% at Game Rankings and 80 at Meta critic, based on 17 and 19 reviews respectively. IGN's Craig Harris noted that "the final product is a game well on the other end of the quality spectrum from last year's dud" and "has a great feel all the way through." Frank Provo of Game Spot states that Infiltrator "is a fun handheld game that should please anyone who's looking.

Processor = 1.4 ghz
RAM = 256 Mb
Graphics =64 Mb