In Tower Bloxx Deluxe, your task is to build brand new homes for the Tower Toons - funny little people who move in and turn the lights on before they even have a roof over their heads! But building isn't easy.  Upload by Your skills at speed and timing will be essential in building the highest buildings possible in the shortest amount of time.
Building takes careful timing.  A crane will swing a block over a target site and you must click at the right time to drop the block on the target.  Drop the next block on the block you already dropped and so forth.  The faster you can drop, the higher your score.  But if you aren't accurate, your building will topple over!
Tower Bloxx Deluxe is a strategy puzzle mobile video game developed by Digital Chocolate. The game features two types of gameplay, "Build city" and "Quick game". The "Quick game" is a kind of endless mode, as exists in many puzzle games.

Build City:
The objective of the "Build city" game mode is to build a city with as many
inhabitants as possible, building various types of towers: Residential (blue), Commercial (red), Office (green), and Luxury (yellow). The number of people that can potentially inhabit any given building is based on the skill of the player through a "building minigame." The more precisely the player can stack the parts of the building, the higher the number of people that can inhabit the building.

The higher population the city gets, the higher "City level" the city will have, at a maximum of 20. Also, each "City level" has its own name (e.g. Town, City, Metropolis). When the player achieves the defined population by placing a new building, he or she will be notified by a popup window. During some "City level" achievements, the player will unlock the feature to get buildings with "bonus roofs" when he or she builds a building of a certain type, with a minimum of a special house population (before placing the roof).
In the highscore, the highest score (population) of "Build city" games is stored.
Blue buildings can be built anywhere, but have the lowest population potential.
Red buildings have the second lowest population potential, but must be built adjacent to a blue building.

Green buildings have the second highest population potential, but must be built adjacent to both a red and a blue building
Yellow buildings have the highest population potential, but must be built adjacent to a red, blue and green building.
Several different game modes to keep you entertained
In the “Play Story” mode the mayor A.Z. Millspaugh and city architect Ava Dandelion of Sycamore Vale has asked you to quickly help in rebuilding the city since the old buildings are falling apart. Luckily your amazing building block system is perfect for the job! Build all types of buidings to improve the city and keep the residents happy!

In Quick Game mode your goal is to make your tower as high as possible and only your improving building skills set the limit to how high you can really go.
In Time Challenge mode you get to see how well you do under pressure. Speed is the key but so is accuracy!
In Party Game mode up to four people can build towers on the same machine with split-screen fun!
Tower Bloxx is easy to learn, alot of fun, and unlike any other game you've played.  Give the free trial a shot today!

Tower Bloxx Deluxe Full Version Features:
v  Extremely low full version price
v  Excellent customer support
v  Backup CD option
v  Secure and trusted ordering from a BBB Accredited Business
v  Test your reflexes and puzzle skills during hours of award winning gameplay!
v  Create new homes for Tower Toons in a test of skill - the faster you drop new floors, the happier they’ll be!
v  Enjoy an amazing 3D experience while building skyscrapers in a collection of exciting game modes!
v  A unique, easy to learn, and very catchy game!


2.0GHz Processor
1.8GB Hard Disk Space