Roar II, is a brawler arcade game developed by Eighting/Raizing in 1999. (Also known as Bloody Roar 2: Bringer of the New Age in Japan/Europe and Bloody Roar II: The New Breed in the United States.) Bloody Roar series differs from other fighting games as every character has a beast mode that can be used to use new attacks, recover some of lost health and generally to be faster and/or more powerful with their attacks.

Bloody Roar II is a 3D fighting game of the Tekken, or more accurately, Fighting Vipers school of gameplay. The hook of the Bloody Roar series is that your combatants can transform into animalistic versions of themselves -- human-animal hybrids with a thirst for violence. During each round you can fight as a person or transform into a beast when your meter fills up. As an animal you'll have more moves at your disposal with which to destroy your opponent.
Yuichi Ochiai, who served as the main programmer of the first Bloody Roar game, served as a technical advisor in Bloody Roar II. Naochika Morishita, Osamu Kagoshima and Hiroyuki Kawai, all members of Caramel Mama, were recruited to (respectively) provide the in-game illustrations, write the game's story and supervise the game's Story Mode. The background music for the arcade version of the game and the PlayStation version's Arcade Mode was composed by Manabu Namiki, Kenichi Koyano, Masaharu Iwata and Jin Watanabe. Takayuki Negishi composed original music for the PlayStation version of the game as he did for the adaption of the first Bloody Roar game. The music was recorded at Tai Studio and Azabu West Studio, with Jun Kajiwara at the guitar, Michio Nagaoka at the bass, Toshinobu Takimoto at the drums and Takayuki Negishi at the synthesizer. The recording of the music was managed by Imagine members Yuji Saito and Masafumi Mori. The game's sound effects were created by Atsuhiro Motoyama and Jun Watanabe of Gen and Yoshihiro Tsukahara of Satelight. The Japanese voice cast features Hideo Ishikawa as Yūgo, Mika Kanai as Alice, Ryō Horikawa as Long, Kazumi Tanaka as Hajime Buzujima and Shiho Niiyama as Kakeru Ōgami/Bakuryū.

OS Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
CPU 1.0GHz