The war has begun. It's time to use your air-battling techniques. Keep your aim sharp & take down as many enemies as you can.

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Screen Shoot

To Mobile:

On your mobile phone browser go to http://GETFREE.CC and enter this download code: 12918

The best version of this free mobile game, MissionDestruction, will be presented to you, and you will be asked if you wish to install it to your phone. Answer yes to each question. MissionDestruction will then be installed on your phone. The installation is done "over the air" (OTA). Your phone company may charge you a small download fee (data charges). This is based upon your data plan; none of that money goes to us. MissionDestruction is now ready to play!

You can learn more at our WAP installation forum.

To PC:

Installation files for HTC Touch 3G:

(Not your phone? Click here.)

Transfer MissionDestruction from your computer to your phone via data cable or wireless (WIFI or Bluetooth). See your phone manual for details.

For more information, see our PC installation forum.
By Sami Khan