Noon and the heat did not stop to continue to provide or mambagi happiness with the theme of the game by way of download. A happiness if you want to stop by my blog, let alone download your favorite games. I also did not forget to thank all of you who have stopped by and downloaded. The news this afternoon how Friends? Hopefully in a state of fine huh? I am here also in a state of fine. Do not forget Friends, keep the spirit in the face of life's journey, because the spirit of the trip before we would feel comfortable. 

Today let's play something with Sudden Strike 2 Game Download World War. But first I have to share the same game the shooter genre, but the game Sudden Strike 2 is more interesting. I then every day has always played in a netbook. If in a laptop or computer graphics added steady friend. I'll review a little story about this game. The game Sudden Strike 2 world wars took place during the last war (1942-1945), and players will now be able to resist the Japanese and American, British, German, and Russian, with each mission providing different difficulty levels (in addition to four overall game difficulty setting). For example, the German mission focuses on early 1943 that resulted in a counterattack to retake Kharkov. While you will control a large group of armor and infantry, this mission of the easiest games - instructions will be offered periodically for beginners commander, and reinforcements will fill the losses of the previous battle. Players who want to lead Russia on the road to Berlin might be disappointed that this mission does not begin until the operation, failed German offensive aimed to isolate and destroy the Russian Kursk. It was, after all, the biggest battle in history and one that is very interesting for the fans tanks. Instead, this mission revolves around the Russian attack in southern Germany for pushing across the Dnieper, the second scenario is based on the Russian offensive in 1945 and horrendously bloody siege of Berlin. Except for this climactic battle, the power you want in the Russian campaign was not too big, but you will be able to capture and use the German tanks and vehicles to improve your numbers. 

Remarks Game Sudden Strike 

Title: Sudden Strike 2 
Publisher: GameTop 
Category: Action, War, Strategy 

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