Hallo drivers you can Download race game Street Street Racer for PC. With small size but not franklincovey compressed. I play in a laptop is very smoothly without broken-down. Isn't it interesting? This game reminds me with Rally Racing 3D graphics with size 4MB alone. Illegal car race in public road. To compete against street racer mad and to Superstar Racer. Race for the victory in the world racing street. To finish first in every race to participate in the competition. Opening new car after every two races completed. Playing in two mode game: race one and the championship. In the race single mode You can choose any high that you're done in championship fashion. Single championship game and was two modes page. 

In single mode you can choose from whom ye have game level finished in the championship mode so you can use single mode for the exercise or try to return the arena race, you think it is difficult in championship fashion. You will get a new car with a high speed more quickly and appearance more impressive than the previous car after you win two races. And to get to this game you don't have to gamble wealth,lives or resolve two races because you can download this game now is also free of charge. 

I also gave testimonials on games. The following information: 

game: Street Racer for PC 
Category: Racing 
file size: 37 MB 

Waow' is very exciting not reviews me on Once what are you waiting for, Ho. She quickly download and play as they wish your heart, let alone play it with your friends, brothers, and friends. Distributes have flowed with those who are all around you. Congratulations download and play!