Disney's own street rat, Aladdin, is back in a new adventure, Nasira's Revenge. This 3-D action game is a port from the PlayStation to PC and, mercifully, doesn't require the latest, greatest PC just to play. It seems that even though our heroes vanquished Jafar, his sister, Nasira, (a new character created for the game) has a plan to bring him back from the dead. Together they plot to rule Agrabah. To start the plan off right, Nasira sends her thugs into the palace to kidnap the sultan and Jasmine. Of course, this can't sit well with our hero.
You play Aladdin as you travel through nine different environments to rescueyour friends. You try to collect coins and red gems, and defeat the many enemies you encounter. The game also throws you a couple of curve balls: some acts let you play as Abu or Jasmine, using their unique abilities to help out.

Aladdin, is back in a new adventure, Nasira's Revenge.This 3-D action game. Jafar, the evil emperor of the Disney animated feature Aladdin, is safely out of the way... or is he? Jafar's sister, the treacherous Nasira, has a plan to bring him back from the edge of eternity, but first she must collect the necessary artifacts to work her sorcery. While playing as Aladdin, Abu, and love interest Jasmine through several 3-D levels in this platform-style adventure game, your goal is to get the objects before Nasira does, thus foiling her plan. let's play this can't sit well with our hero.

Game Notes:
Join forces with Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu to defeat Nasira, the evil
sorceress who's trying to destroy the legendary city of Agrabah. This
Stunning 3-D, daredevil adventure is packed with traps, tricks and peril
at every turn. Time is running out so you must be quick. Your bravery
will be rewarded!

Game Features:
Explore the exotic worlds of Agrabah in this completely new Aladdin
Adventure Thrill-a-minute adventure, with 9 humourous action-packed environments A unique arsenal of weapons and collectables
A whole range of acrobatic moves: swing on ropes, fight with your sword
and dash through the skies on the magic carpet!

2.0GHz Processor
1.8GB Hard Disk Space