Marvel Action Pack! lets you demonstrate your skills alongside the superheroes. Claw your way to the top in Wolverine MRD and Wolverine Search & Destroy. Make the Hulk green with envy of your skills in Hulk Vs Hulk Bad Altitude and Hulk Central Smashdown! Grab your shield to help Captain America defend his city in Captain America:
Uit up and get ready to show you've got what it takes to make it among the pantheon of superheroes. Marvel Action Pack! combines 10 arcade-style games featuring favorite superheroes from the Marvel universe. Put yourself to the test and prove your skills in superhero-style action that comes alive on screen to thrilling effect.
Red Skull and Crossbones. Suit up with Tony Stark in Iron Man Armored Popper, Iron Man Flight Test, Iron Man Armory Assault and Iron Man Flight Test 2.0
Within 10 arcade toys with the characters invented by the studio Marvel Simple arcade flash games released by mistake on the disk, done quite beautifully. You have to jump, run and destroy the enemies of all shades.
Wolverine MRD
Wolverine Search & Destroy
Hulk Vs.
Hulk Bad Altitude
Hulk Central Smashdown!
Captain America: Red Skull and Crossbones,
Iron Man Armored Popper
Iron Man Flight Test
Iron Man Amory Assault
Iron Man Flight Test 2.0

Processor= 1.0GHz
RAM= 256MB
Graphics= 32MB