Find the best content for Visual Basic 6 development, .NET interoperability, and migration here.
Partner Tools & Solutions
Leverage these free tools and solutions from our partners to assist you with a more complete migration from Visual Basic 6 to .NET.
Getting Started
1. Migration & Support Strategy
Key Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files, used in the majority of application scenarios, are shipping in and supported for the lifetime of Windows 7. Find out what support options are available to you.
2. Visual Basic 6.0 Resources
You will find plenty of resources here for developing in Visual Basic 6.0 including links to the MSDN Library, technical articles, and code samples.
3. Extend Your Visual Basic 6.0 Applications
Extend your Visual Basic 6.0 applications using the functionality of Visual Basic .NET without upgrading. These resources show you how.
4. Upgrading from Visual Basic 6.0
Do you need help in upgrading your Visual Basic 6.0 applications to Visual Basic .NET? This section provides the necessary resources.
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